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Dive Quest Weekend


Moreton Bay Marine Park

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Dive Quest Weekend

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Product Description

A typical day run as follows - 

6:00am Meet outside gate at Manly Royal Yacht Squadron parking area – entry is the first left on  Davenport Drive, Manly.
6:05am Crew introductions, completed Liability & Release forms are given to crew, and proof of  certification is sited.
6:15am Set up scuba gear and load onto DiveQuest with assistance from dive crew and skipper.  Personal belongings not required on board will be stored in our lock up.
6:30am Briefings will be conducted by the skipper and dive supervisor before departure. This is a  legal  requirement  of  the  Department  of  Transport. Vessel  layout,  lifejacket  storage areas, safety information and dive procedures will all be discussed.
6:45am Departure from East Coast Marina.
7:45am Arrival at dive site where anchoring and dive preparation will be made by the crew.
7:50am Dive briefings will be conducted by the dive crew giving information regarding site layout, directions, maximum depths and dive times, points of interest and safety procedures.
8:00am Entry into water for Dive One. Dive times will vary between 45 minutes and one hour  depending on site, dive conditions and diver experience levels.
9:00am A surface interval of approximately 45 minutes is generally required as determined by dive crew on the day. Refreshments will be served on boat and can include tea, coffee, soup and  sweets. DiveQuest will relocate to the second dive site.
10:00am Entry Dive Two. Dive times will again vary between 45 minutes and one hour depending on site, dive conditions and diver experience levels.
11:00am Departure for East Coast Marina.
12:15am Arrival at marina. Facilities will be made available to wash dive gear if required, as are bathroom and showering amenities. We will ask for your assistance to unload all of your belongings and used equipment from DiveQuest.

Dive Quest Weekend

Selected Date: Saturday, 15 April 2017 5:30 AM

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